Nutracore is a new way of thinking about nutraceutics.

Nutracore develops innovative formulations and manufactures food supplements, medical devices and complementary feeds on behalf of third parties.

From formulation development, to the study of both domestic and foreign regulations, to the choice of innovative raw materials, to the creation of authentic graphics that are right for the target market, to packaging in the desired format.
  1. Customer idea / Shared idea
  2. Planning & study:Formulation
    Italian and foreign regulatory
    Ministerial Notifications and Records
  3. Creativity & skills:Graphic design for exclusive packaging suitable for the target market
  4. Professionalism & practicality:Production and packaging in the desired format
    Punctuality of delivery time
    Problem solving and production volume elasticity
    Certified Safety and Product Analysis

Nutracore is “full service.”

Nutracore, the “all inclusive” of Health Solutions, turns its sights on innovation. Nutracore has a comprehensive and diverse team in-house, capable of fulfilling all specific requirements. Its figures come from different paths (academic studies, specialized courses, experience in industry companies) that have come together to give rise to a common vision: passion and professionalism in the service of health and success in the marketplace.

Research and development area
Starting from your product idea, we develop winning and competitive projects, making use of corporate professionals who constantly collaborate with academia and prestigious research centers and universities.

Commercial area
The sales manager is by your side from product development and quotation, to getting the product to market, to achieving your sales and revenue goals.

Graphic development and creative pack area
For packaging designed for your product and its market, recommended and designed for you by our industry experts.

Quality and safety team
Numerous internal and external audits, testing plans at accredited laboratories, voluntary certifications and a strict self-control regime are the tools that help us ensure high quality and safety standards for our products.

Technical/regulatory area
You can count on technical support for innovative formulations that comply with current regulations. We will guide you through all the necessary bureaucratic and regulatory aspects (both Italian and foreign): from labeling and informational materials, to product notification, to drafting specific required documents.

Nutracore realizes.

Nutracore makes dietary supplements, medical devices and complementary feeds in various forms and different types of packaging.
(volume from 10 to 500 ml)
(volume from 20 to 100 ml)
(volume from 20 to 60 ml)

Nutracore for every need.

Nutracore develops customized and unique formulations targeting different therapeutic areas.

Nutracore certified quality.

Nutracore is authorized by the Ministry of Health to manufacture and package dietary supplements and complementary feed for companion animals. Since its inception, Nutracore has adopted and maintained a quality system that complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and the GMP -FDA standard. In addition, the belief that product quality and safety are key to our customers’ success has led Nutracore to draft and adhere to internal control protocols that ensure for each step of production, high standards of product safety.

ISO 9001:2015 management system certificate


certification statement GMP-Dietary-Supplements


ISO 9001:2015 certified management system


Nutracore listens to you.

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